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Rabbi Robert G

I want to thank you for being such special people. About 7 years ago, I purchased a lift chair from you. Recently you repaired my Go Go Scooter and were just wonderful to me. I cannot thank you enough for your special care and consideration. Every member of your staff that I have met has been kind, courteous and most efficient. When I lived in Brandon, Florida for 13 years, I believed that Brandon Brace, also a family-owned business, was one-of-a-kind. But now I include you in that elite category.

Thank you for the incredible service that you provide for the Jacksonville Community. You are a gift to Jacksonville.

Cathy B

Great people. Service was great and never felt rushed. Will go back again.

Kallan c

They were beyond helpful and nice to me. They even ordered a product for me to sample.

My experience there was awesome. Like old school good business and off the chart customer service. !!


Thanks for helping our Veterans Tim!

Jim M

I'm an active "weekend athlete", and for me Preston Home Medical Supplies has helped me stay in the game! I had a knee problem, so Tim recommended a compression knee brace. He took the time to do the proper measurements so that the knee brace fit correctly. I now play without pain! I won't go anywhere else! Jim M.

Barbara W

The team at Preston's Medical Supply (Tim, James, Serey & George) are simply Fantastic! They always go far beyond normal customer service with us. They love to help their customers & you can feel that. They'll continue to have all my business.

Steven B

The customer service is incredible at this place. When I ran out of a test strip prescription, they allowed me to come in and buy a new machine and test strips at a very reasonable price. Love the place.

Steven D

I always go to Preston Home Medical for my knee braces, wrist braces and ankle wraps because their supply is real state-of-the-art, high tech inventory but the prices are more than reasonable. That stuff really helps me out with my tennis and racquetball game..... I also switched over my prescriptions to Preston's from CVS because I like the friendly, personalized service they give. I just kind of like the "down home" feeling there rather than a corporate franchise retail store. The location is ideal too

Jeanine H

If you want quality and customer service – Preston Home Medical is the place to go! Mr. Tim and his team put you at ease in addressing your medical needs. They are very helpful in assisting you with getting the proper item and fit with fun, informative, personal service. In addition, Preston Home Medical can special order some items and ship to wherever you live. I live out of state and depend on Preston Home Medical Online Store but when in town it’s imperative to drop by to enjoy the friendly, helpful staff. Recent items they have assisted me with are running socks, orthotic sandals (flip-flops) and arthritic relief.

R. Kerry M

I needed information and products to help with pending arthroscopic knee surgery. Tim, the proprietor of Preston Home Medical supplies, explained the importance of "icing" the knee, and recommended an Ice It! knee wrap with reusable ice packs. They worked great! The staff is very knowledgeable, and the customer service is second to none!

Katherine H

Every time I go to Preston Pharmacy I always get excellent service. The employees are always very nice. I also go to the medical supply show room because being diabetic I can get everything I need for my wound care. The carry a great variety of supplies such as honey=med which is great for healing wounds on the foot also all the different sizes of gauze and tape depending on the area you have to wrap whether it be toes or ankles or any other area..

Erica C

Wonderful people and business. I'd give them more stars if they were available. Support local, these people are fantastic.


This is the only place in all of Jacksonville, FL. that has been able to assist me in my quest for freedom. I have long been looking for a scooter or wheelchair that will fit my needs. Thanks to Tim, I not only found a product that will assist me but was able to receive that product and use it properly. Thank you so very much for granting a housebound woman her long lost freedom. You are a God send!

Jonathan N

Great place with a great selection of walking canes. Came here straight after going to REI and looking at a cane that folded on me while I was testing it in the store. (Don't buy REI branded walking canes. I don't see how they'd work even for hiking.). Grabbed a wood cane here for about $20. Great selection, great prices, and they offered to cut the cane to size for me (I didn't need it because I'm tall enough that all canes are already sized for me at 38-40 inches). Store owner also saw me eyeing the USMC cane and said Semper Fi. Sorry I'm too antisocial to ever say anything back. Haha. Great people, great service. Thanks for the great experience Preston Medical Supply.

Melanie D

Courteous friendly knowledgeable

Steven W

Preston Home Medical is a very friendly, responsive business that gives the kind of service that I remember from my hometown medical supplies provider. They are always respectful and deliver products the same day. I would recommend them to anyone for any medical supply needs. Please consider giving theme your business.

Vicky A

From the first call to James to leaving the establishment with my purchase, James was amazing. If you want great personal, professional and knowledgeable service, look no further!

Linda A.

I wanted to take the time to say that when my sister and I first needed a lift chair I called around and there are many places to choose from but they are not all as nice as Tim and the people who work at Preston Pharmacy and Home Medical Supplies. We knew nothing about a lift chair and he helped us get the right one for my sister. He has also helped me with a number of other things she needed. He has helped us even when it has not included a sale at that moment. When you find you need these things for your home to help yourself or your loved one have a better quality of life do yourself a favor and call Tim at Preston Pharmacy. No matter where I live I will always do business with them.

Barbara L

Highly professional, courteous and accommodating.

Delivery and pick up easy to coordinate. Delivery team was polite and provided instruction for the lift chair. Customer service is excellent!

Angelina W.

I was thankful they had post-surgical shoes stocked. The man (unfortunately I can't remember his name) helped me select the correct one and cut the straps for me as they were way too long. He made it easy to buy the correct product and was friendly.

Elizabeth B.

This is where my parents go to get their medical supplies since they moved to Jacksonville and they absolutely love it. My dad uses a CPAP machine and he gets all of his replacement parts from Preston. My mom is a retired nurse and bought a stethoscope from here as well. They have a huge selection of stethoscopes, blood pressure machines, nebulizers, canes, and a whole bunch of durable medical equipment. One of their super popular items is their lift chairs, which are basically huge armchairs that can take you from a fully standing position to sitting down, and vice versa. I reaaaally wish I had access to one of them when I was on crutches, because that would have made my life SO much easier. I personally like their compression socks and sleeves, and also bought a flexible ice pack for the inflammation in my knee. If you have any questions, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. This is my parents' new go-to for all of their medical supplies and we highly recommend it!

Rebecca N.

I did not think they could accept my Flexspend medical credit Card(my medical saving account), I purchased a cpap face piece($85.00)the card was approved! Now, I have tubing and a face/mask strap on order. The employees were polite, patient and helpful. I also inquired about the Oxygen machine($299.00) that you put your face mask in to sterilize and keep it like that. They are going to try and order that for me as well. I usually do mail order on that stuff, but I prefer to keep it local and even better, keep the business in Arlington!

Allan M

I've been looking for a decent knee brace for a long time. Have an entire drawer full of "braces" that I've tried over several years. They have all had various issues from not working to slippage or bunching up. In my desire to keep active in middle age with running, biking, snow skiing and racquetball I needed something secure, sturdy and by all means durable. Mr. Stiles of Preston Home Medical Supplies suggested I demo one his braces after he measured my knee called Medi and I was amazed that it never slipped during racquetball or while running. My knee also felt much better afterwards. I liked it so much I bought it plus one for the other knee. I would highly recommend Preston Home Medical Supplies if you want old fashioned personalized and professional service that is lacking in todays world of commercial chainstores. In closing, I could've purchased ten pairs of these braces for all the time and money I placed into the false ones that I've bought over the years.

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