Ostomy Care and Wound Management

Preston Home Medical Supplies carries a complete line of ostomy care supplies. There are three common types of ostomies: ileostomies (ostomies of the small intestines), colostomy (ostomies of the large intestines), and urostomies (ostomies of the bladder). We are sensitive to the fact that people who have had an ostomy must deal with physical and psychological repercussions.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will use care and discretion to help you get the supplies you need, whether you have a colostomy, urostomy, or illeostomy. Below is a list of some of the ostomy products and supplies that we carry in our store:

Complete line of ostomy products and supplies
  • Ostomy pouches and wafers (One piece and two-piece systems)
  • Infection control products
  • Ostomy cleaning products
  • Ostomy odor control products
  • Ostomy pouch liners
  • Pouch supports and belts
  • Protective skin barriers
  • Ostomy wound management products such as bulk gauze sponges and wraps,una boots,and a large variety of medical tapes

Preston Home Medical Supplies proudly carries products from these leading ostomy product manufacturers

We can also special order any particular item for your specific needs and drop ship most products in north Florida in one business day. Preston Home Medical Supplies can provide ostomy supplies through Medicare and Tricare with a doctor's prescription.

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