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Experience The Ultimate Power Lift Chair Comfort!
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Preston Home Medical Supplies in Jacksonville Fl. often has power lift chairs available for short term rentals.
If you have had recent knee or hip surgery and only need a power lift chair for a short period of time, we offer power lift chair rentals on a monthly basis. Please call or visit our store for more details. Power Lift chairs are motorized recliners with a base that can rise off the floor and tilt to help lift the user safely to a standing position. In addition, unlike standard recliners, many power lift chairs can recline into a full horizontal position and offer motorized footrests and backrests, increasing the number of positions for maximum comfort.

There are three main types of power lift chairs: 3 position power lift chairs and infinite position power lift chairs,, which both recline almost completely, and 2 position power lift chairs which recline partially, much like a standard recliner.

The 3 position power lift chairs and infinite position power lift chairs are most convenient if you plan on using the chair for sleep, as they recline fully. The infinite position power lift chairs tend to have more “bells and whistles” such as separately controlled footrests and backrests, heating and massage elements, etc.

The 2 position power lift chairs are great if you plan on using your chair for watching television or reading. You can still relax and get comfortable in them; they just don’t recline all the way into a horizontal sleeping position.

Power Lift chairs come in different sizes based on the primary user’s height and weight, so be sure you have that information available when you come in. This is very important. A power lift chair built for someone who is 6’3 feet tall will lift someone 5 feet tall too far off the ground to safely exit the chair. Most power lift chairs can support over 300 lbs, though some power lift chairs are available that will support over 500 lbs.

You’ll be happy to know that Pride power Lift Chairs have many fabric options:

They offer vinyl, suede, and fine leathers as options too. Come in with your size requirements and we’ll help you choose the best Pride Power Lift Chair for your needs.