Prescription Compounding Pharmacy

Preston Prescription compounding pharmacy works with physicians and their patients to provide customized medications. Our experienced compounding pharmacists and technicians undergo ongoing training to stay current on compounding issues and technology. We always search for creative solutions to medication issues, and we are willing to research your issues to provide the best solutions.

Before large pharmaceutical companies started producing one-size-fits-all medications, drug compounding was the standard. Doctors maintained personal relationships with their patients. They knew what their individual needs were and they prepared custom medications accordingly.

Today’s standardized drugs do not always meet the needs of all patients, and doctors and patients are again realizing the benefits of professional compounding.
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At Preston Pharmacy, we offer highly skilled and caring compounding professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and only the best pharmaceutical grade chemicals.

We can prepare:

  • Customized prescription dosages
  • Unique dosage forms, such as gels, suppositories, ointments, sprays, chewables, and lollipops.
  • Dye-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, or alcohol-free medications.
  • Combined compounded medications for easier administration.
  • Medications not commercially available.
  • Veterinary pet med compounds

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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