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Orthopedic Knee braces and supports are used today in virtually all spheres of patient care settings right from the emergency room through the hospitalization period to rehabilitation and after care. The orthopedic knee brace even find application in sports medicine these days.

Preston’s Pharmacy & Home Medical Supplies, one of the major suppliers of orthopedic braces and other medical products in Jacksonville can provide with all the latest and most advanced orthopedic goods from some of the world’s leading brands. Here we will take a look at the various categories of orthopedic soft goods we offer.

  • Wrist Supports And Orthopedic Braces

    Here you will find a wide range of wrist supports and braces such as the Heal Well Grip Splint WHFO (wrist-hand finger orthosis), CarpalMate Wrist Support and the Unifit Universal Wrist Splint to name a few. All these products are designed specifically to support the wrist at various positions necessary for the treatment of orthopedic conditions.
  • Lumbar Supports

    Lumbar supports include products designed to support, provide relief and stabilize the back area. These products are made from a variety of high performance materials right from high density power mesh to neoprene. These orthopedic soft products are available in a variety of sizes with some products specifically designed to suit the requirements of women.
  • Abdominal Binders

    This category of orthopedic soft goods includes abdominal surgical binders such as the Premium Woven Surgical Abdominal Binder and the Elastic Abdominal Binder. These abdominal binders are basically designed to support the abdominal muscles which have been weakened by inactivity, repeated surgeries or pregnancies. These products are again available in various sizes.
  • Orthopedic Knee Braces and Supports

    This category includes orthopedic knee braces designed to aid rehabilitation in the post operative stage. These knee braces and supports can be adjusted to control as well as restrict the movement of the knee joint, thus helping speed up recovery and prevent further injury during the post operative rehabilitation process. These orthopedic braces are available in a number of different lengths to suit the requirements of individual patients.
  • Shoulder Support

    This category includes shoulder supports designed to provide stability, protection as well as support to the shoulder to prevent any form of injury while still offering flexibility. Some shoulder supports like the Safe-T-Sport made from neoprene works by retaining the body’s natural heat for soothing the shoulder joints and accompanying muscles.
  • Posture Control Brace

    Posture control braces are designed to correct wrong posture such as stooping and relieve arthritic pain. These orthopedic soft goods work by applying a pull on the shoulders gently towards the back and holding them in the correct position. These braces have elastic side panels which provide compression to help stabilize the lumbar and abdominal regions for a better posture.
  • Arm Slings

    Arms slings are designed to support the arm’s weight comfortably following surgical treatment or an injury of the hand, arm or shoulder.
  • Ankle Braces and Supports

    Ankle braces and supports are designed to provide stability as well as compression for injured or weak ankles. Some of these orthopedic soft goods are specifically designed for tender ankles occurring as a result of sports injuries.
  • Ankle Walker Boots

    Ankle walker boots are designed to speed up recovery after ankle injuries such as fractures by providing support to the ankle. Some of these boots feature an in built air bladder which has a massaging effect as the patient walks while providing a customized fit.
  • Elbow Support

    Elbow braces and supports are designed to reduce swelling and pain as well as to increase the circulation around the elbow. Some of the supports are designed specifically for ailments like tennis elbow while others are ideal for use in case of arthritis, nagging pains of the elbow and tenderness.
  • Rib Belt

    Rib belts or supports are designed to stabilize sternum and rib fractures through compression and by limiting expansion. These supports also allow for controlled breathing thus helping reduce the pain.
  • Cervical Collar

    Cervical collars are designed to support the cervical area of the spinal cord and the head usually after traumatic neck or head injury. In some high risk sports such as go-karts and motocross racing, riders often wear this collar to prevent injury from whiplash.
  • Hernia Belts and Briefs

    Hernia belts are designed to provide gradual gentle pressure to reduce inguinal hernias whereas hernia briefs are designed with hernia pad pockets already sewn into the undergarment, thus eliminating the requirement of wearing a truss or an undergarment. The pads in both the belt and the brief are removable and hence can be used for both single as well as double hernia.
  • Post Op Shoes

    Post op shoes or post operation shoes are basically shoes designed to provide protection to the foot from any further injury while easily accommodating bulky bandages. Even the toes and the soles are designed to offer maximum level of protection for the feet while reducing pressure on them.
  • Cast Shoes

    Cast shoes provide the ideal walking aid for those who have a leg in a cast. It provides adequate space for the cast and prevents it from being cracked, chipped or getting soiled while providing enough stability to the foot when walking.
  • Colpacs

    Colpacs are designed to provide localized cold therapy. These Colpacs can easily fit into any body area to provide relief from nagging pains, muscle pulls and sports injuries.

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