Blood Pressure

Preston Medical Supplies hosts a variety of blood pressure monitors for different purposes. People with heart trouble, hypertension or hypotension need to monitor their blood pressure regularly. This is needed not only to measure the blood pressure at the time, but also to keep track of the changes and fluctuations in the blood pressure.

You can’t keep running to the clinic every time you have to check your blood pressure. Digital blood pressure monitors make it easy for you to keep track of the changes in your blood pressure.

Below are some of the BP monitors we carry:

Life Source Advance One Step

The Life Source Advance One Step BP monitor is unique in that it records nearly accurate readings digitally and has enough memory to store up to 30 readings. It also displays the average of your readings. This makes it easy for you to keep track of changes and patterns in your blood pressure.

Life Source Quick Response

One step ahead of the Advance One Step monitor, the Quick Response monitor by Life Source has the capacity to store up to 280 readings. It also has the feature of storing the time and date of the reading. The unique aspect of this monitor is that it has a built-in alarm system, which reminds you to take your blood pressure. It also has a feature that detects irregular heart beat and blood pressure classification, which classifies your blood pressure based on the readings.


A stethoscope is used to measure the pulse and heartbeat, and to listen for irregularities in the heart beat or breathing. It is part of the measurement apparatus for blood pressure when the manual sphygmomanometer is used, and is needed to listen to the pulse. We host both the single head and double headed stethoscopes commonly used by doctors.

Life Source Professional Sphygmomanometer

Before the invention of the digital blood pressure monitor, the sphygmomanometer was used by doctors to measure blood pressure. This device gives the most accurate blood pressure reading but can be used by a professional only. The Life Source Professional Sphygmomanometer is the most reliable and efficient one available in the market today.

Life Source Replacement Automatic
Blood Pressure Cuffs

Blood pressure cuffs are the most important part of the apparatus. They are what actually measure the pressure and so need to be well fitted, a cuff that is too small or too large will give the wrong readings. Life Source Replacement Automatic Blood Pressure Cuffs come in three sizes and are completely reliable.

You will have to keep the measurement of your arm in mind while buying any of these products, since size is of importance. For heart patients, measuring blood pressure is an important part of the treatment, since it is the biggest indicator of a healthy heart. Therefore, it is important that your blood pressure monitor is accurate and has the ability to store readings.

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