Aids to Daily Living

Preston’s Pharmacy & Home Medical Supplies offers a variety of aids to daily living for your convenience, safety and well being. From bed rails to cast protectors, we have what you need. Below is just a sampling of the products that we carry. As always, if we don’t carry a product you need, we are happy to find it for you. For a close up view of any of the products mentioned below, click here

Bed Safety

Preston’s Pharmacy is proud to carry a variety of bed safety products such as Bed Rails and Bed Caddies to help make getting in and out of bed more safe and secure. We also carry Bed Wedges to help improve in-bed mobility.


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Car Safety

For folks who need a little extra assistance getting in and out of a car, we carry several products such as the Car Caddie and Handy Bar, designed to offer additional support and stability so the user can enter and exit safely from their vehicle.


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Home Safety /Mobility Aids

Preston’s Pharmacy carries a wide variety of home safety and mobility aids. If you are a caregiver, we carry Gait and Transfer Belts to help assist you in transferring patients or keeping them steady as they walk. We also carry products like the Assist-a-tray to help improve stability and balance when rising from a chair, and Reachers to help prevent falls and loss of balance when reaching for objects.


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Healing Aids / Protectors

After an accident or surgery you may be required to protect the affected

area for a while. We carry a variety of healing aids to daily living

and protectors such as Donut and Coccyx Cushions and Cast Protectors for swimming and bathing to help you get back on your feet and enjoying life in no time.

CPAP disinfect

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Dressing/Bathing Aids

Folks with limited mobility, such as arthritis sufferers and the elderly, can have an especially hard time getting dressed and bathed by themselves. Reaching and griping can be painful and even dangerous, so Preston’s Pharmacy is stocked with many dressing and bathing aids such as Zipper and Button Aids, Sock Aids, Shoe Horns, and Body Washers to help improve your mobility and independence.

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We all know we should exercise more, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Whether you’re exercising for fitness and increased mobility or as part of your therapeutic regimen, Preston Pharmacy & Home Medical Supplies carries a variety of Exercise Bands, Hand Exercisers, and Bicycle Exerciser / Pedlars that will help make exercise accessible and fun.

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